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Nowhere else can you find a more perfect vacationland than right here in central Wisconsin. The Montello area is rich in history from the granite quarry to the homestead of the world-renowned naturalist John Muir, to the voyager Fr. Jacques Marquette. Wisconsin's largest tree - towering cottonwood - is in the front yard of the historic Le Maison Granit on Underwood Ave., just north of downtown next door to the Courthouse.

Besides its history, the Montello area is genuinely blessed with nature's wonders. Several sparkling lakes teeming with fish and wildlife surround Montello. Area wetlands and woodlands are home to many rare species of wildlife, including some endangered species.

Because of nature's bounty in the Montello area, it is a favorite vacation spot for the angler and sportsman. Nature lovers find Montello an ideal place for hiking and bird watching, with more than 300 species of birds visiting or living in the area throughout the year.

Boating and canoeing are favorite pastimes in summer, as are sailing, skiing and swimming. Golfing and softball on area courses and diamonds are a great way to spend a warm, summer day.

In winter, snowmobilers and cross-country skiers find the rolling hills and frozen lakes ideal places to enjoy their sports, while ice anglers bore holes to catch fish from the ice-locked waters.

Whether catching a big walleye, hunting deer or ducks, enjoying a splash in the cool, crystal water of Montello's area lakes and streams, hitting a golf ball, bird watching, snowmobiling, skiing, or dining at one of Montello's fine restaurants, your stay in the Montello area will be one you and your family will always remember.

Discover Montello and you won't want to vacation anywhere else.


The Amish

Marquette and Green Lake Counties are home to a large Amish community. They are a throwback to days gone by, when transportation was one horsepower, water was heated on a wood stove and cows were milked by hand. One thing that has endured throughout the years is the Amish craftsmanship, quality of work and attention to detail.

The types of crafts available vary in many ways. Examples include wooden crafts and furniture, groceries, bulk foods, and flowers. But remember, all shops are closed on Sundays.

When traveling along the highways and back roads on your way to these shops, watch for the horse drawn-buggy. Drive slow and respect the road with them.

Boating & Canoeing

Over 20 of Marquette County's lakes have public boat accesses, and most lodging facilities and campgrounds located on the water have boat rentals, also if your rental house or campground does not offer boat rentals check out Johnson's Boats & Motors. They will deliver a pontoon to the lake of your choice! Canoe and rafting trips on the Mecan and Fox Rivers are offered by Rendezvous Paddle & Sports & Mecan River Outfitters.

Canoe Waterways include Fox River - Germania Marsh - Lower Neenah River below Oxford - Grand River Marsh - Montello River.

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Montello Area Churches

  • Buffalo, Buffalo Community Bible Church (608) 297-7771
  • Harrisville, St. John's Lutheran Church, County Road B
    (608) 296-2771
  • Harrisville, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, County Road Y
    (608) 296-2771
  • Montello, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Evergreen & Town Hall Road (608) 297-9611
  • Montello, Marquette Community Church, County Road Y
    (608) 297-7780
  • Montello, Trinity United Methodist Church, W3032 Park St, (608)297-2326 email:
  • Montello, St. John's Catholic Church, Montello St. (608) 297-7423
  • Montello, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Montello St.
    (608) 297-2866
  • Montello, Big Mecan Lutheran Church (608) 297-2570
  • Montello, Trinity Lutheran Church, Mecan Twnsp. (920) 293-4477
  • Montello, The People's Church, Hwy 22 North (608) 297-8585
  • Packwaukee, First Presbyterian Church (608) 586-5592
  • Packwaukee, Trinity Lutheran Church (608) 589-5138

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Farm MarketsFlea Markets


Fresh, homegrown produce is abundant in our agricultural area. From late spring through autumn, seasonal fruits and vegetables can be found at farm markets, roadside stands, parking lots and street corners.

Spend a day visiting our flea markets to find many treasures. Visit the Montello 2 Mile Fair located a few miles South on Hwy 22.

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Hiking and Biking

Marquette County's web of back roads offers a variety of routes for biking and hiking.

John Muir County Park

South of Montello on Hwy F. The famous naturalist's boyhood home has been preserved and has been named a National Historic Landmark. The 125-acre park includes 30-acre Fountain (Ennis) Lake with a boat access, picnic grounds, restroom and hiking trails.

Back to Top King Farm Riding Stable

P.O. Box 84
Montello, WI 53949
Phone: (920) 293-8102
Located just a few miles north of Montello off Hwy 22.
You will enjoy a ride on one of their well-trained horses through this beautiful 160+ acre ranch.
Reservations suggested.
Owner: Debbie Calnin

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Marquette County Fairgrounds

The fairgrounds are located approximately 10 miles west of Montello on Hwy M with 40 acres including a baseball diamond, horse racing track and exhibition buildings. The Marquette County Fair is held the second week of July at the fairgrounds with exhibits, carnival, food, refreshments, and games.

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Marquette County Ground-Pounders

The Marquette County Ground-Pounders is a small ATV club based out of Montello, WI. They presently have about 13 miles of private trails here in Marquette County.


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18-Hole Golf Course

Scharenbergs’s White Lake Golf Resort, N4785 19th Ave, Montello, WI 53949, (608) 297-2278, e-mail: Check it on the web:    Friendly, fun family oriented resort with variety of lodging options, restaurant, lounge, 18-hole golf course, 100-acre lake and sandy beach.

Miniature Golf

The following campgrounds offer mini-golf:
Grand Valley Campground, Kilby Lake Campground, and Wilderness Campground


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 Montello City Park

This beautiful park, located just north of town on Montello Lake, includes 40 rolling acres on the shores of Montello Lake and has been called "the finest small-town park in Wisconsin."


Montello Granite Park Waterfalls

Four sparkling waterfalls cascade down granite outcroppings into the old Montello granite quarry. They can be viewed in downtown Montello from a picturesque park located on Hwy 23 in Montello.

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Sandhill Crane Country

The Sandhill Cranes come to Marquette from far away, flying north in March from the swamps of Florida. Some stop only briefly in the county before scattering on to Minnesota or Canada while others stay on here and raise their new families. The Sandhill Crane almost became extinct in the early 1900's. Presently it is estimated that there are at least 1,000 Sandhill Cranes in Marquette County alone and some 35,000 throughout their flyway. The Sandhill Crane has made a dramatic comeback thanks to a better understanding of the value of preserving our wetlands and wildlife that depend on them for their very existence. For that reason, there are plenty of cranes around for everyone to enjoy - especially in the pristine marshes of Marquette County.

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Winter Sports

Ice fishing and ice skating are popular pastimes on Montello area lakes. Cross-country skiers can enjoy 15 miles of groomed and tracked trails at Mecan River Outfitters & Lodge, Sky Lodge Christian Camp or partake in winter's "silent sport" at one of the area public parks.


Snowmobiling is a popular winter sport in Marquette County - over 250 miles of marked and groomed trails criss-cross the county. Seven local clubs have helped to establish these trails, most of which are on private land. Trail locations are indicated on a brochure produced by the Marquette County Snowmobile Association. The brochure is available throughout the area.



·         Briggsville Road-runners
  (608) 981-2012

·         Endeavor Freedom Riders
  (608) 297-5522

·         Montello Yetis
  (608) 297-2921

·         Westfield White Trackers
  (608) 296-2085 or 2203

·         Neshkoro E-Z Riders
  (920) 293-4541

·         Packwaukee Sno-Chiefs
  (608) 589-5351

·         Oxford Sno-Mads (608) 586-4149

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Westfield Fish Hatchery
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Over a million salmon make their home in Marquette County each year raised from eggs collected in Lake Michigan. A visit to the Westfield Fish Hatchery is fun as well as an educational experience for the entire family.

Located on West Park Street, Box 44, Westfield, WI 53964

Contact: James Martin (Hatchery Foreman)

The hatchery is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Phone: (608) 296-2343